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6 ways to improve guest satisfaction with increased automation

Technology is constantly evolving and automation is increasing every day, but the guest experience is still in our hands.

Automation empowers self-service without replacing personal service. Instead of worrying about bookings and rooms, you can focus on welcoming your guests after they’ve already booked. This does not mean that your staff will be replaced by robots. It simply means that your staff can focus on what really matters—your guests.

With guest experience and consumer loyalty increasingly important in business differentiation, it has rarely been more important for accommodation operators to offer excellent service. Self-service options offer luxury and convenience, but they should never detract from the personal service provided by accommodations.

Online optimization

How people experience your brand often starts online, more than 55% of travel planning is done online. Modern websites allow consumers to view rooms, view the services available, and read reviews from other consumers. This doesn’t just apply to computers, 65% of same-day bookings are made on smartphones. Then it’s good to remember that how people experience your website can be their first, if not last, experience with your company.

Unfortunately, surveys have shown that consumers often find self-service services cumbersome and difficult. Today, it is important not to complicate the consumer experience, but to facilitate access to information and facilitate the booking process. Feel free to use images, aesthetics and handy information for ease of use and your own marketing.

Nowadays, a poor internet presence is not considered acceptable for tourism companies.

The room is ready

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of automation is in the booking process. Guests want a simple and personalized experience that makes their journey easier. A simple booking confirmation is a warm and personal experience for the customer before they arrive. Most booking processes offer an email to confirm a booking, but a simple message or notification on an app or phone can make this more personal.

Let your guests know that their room is ready and they are welcome to check in, send travel directions and parking information before their arrival. Be sure to keep all interactions with guests polite and friendly, before and after their arrival.

Offer an opportunity

Travelers are very likely to plan their own schedule, and a perfectly timed ad could be the opportunity they need to plan their summer vacation. Send the client suggestions for entertainment two weeks before the holiday, or send a list of the restaurants available in your immediate area.

Offer rewards or travel suggestions and continue to nurture your relationship with your guests prior to check-in. When your guests check in, use automated emails to introduce them to room service or welcome them to your property.

Be progressive

What’s worse than an unhappy customer? Automation can allow guests to be heard before departure. How was the room service? Can we help you find entertainment or restaurants? Is there anything we can do to improve your stay?

A friendly message can change unforeseen problems before they appear on TripAdvisor. Create an opportunity to make your guests’ stay outstanding before they leave. Finally, don’t be afraid to get reviews after your guests check out, and use those reviews to identify what really worked and what could be improved on your property.

People who run accommodation are in a social business and cannot ignore social media.

Social media activity

Consumers today expect businesses to be active on social media. For hotels and other tourism companies, this can mean offering discounts and promoting their services. Try to start conversations that get people thinking about new adventures, share fun experiences, and convey your passion for the service you provide.

70% of people on social media share posts when they are on vacation and this offers you the opportunity to take advantage of your visitors in marketing. The personal experiences of others are popular information with travelers, and no public marketing can match the positive experience of a family member or friend. Leverage automation to reach customers and their experience during their stay, and consider offering rewards for those who tag your guesthouse in their photos.

What you can expect

Since automation can be used before and after arrival, the advantages of self-service are many for both you and your guests. Customers can take advantage of a booking process that makes life easier for them, and your front desk staff can spend more time with people and less time dealing with technical issues.

Ultimately, a more enjoyable guest stay can make all the difference, increasing the likelihood of improved reviews which in turn can translate into an increase in new bookings. increased automation can therefore increase your company’s profitability in lower operating costs and increased income.