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9 things that indicate it’s time to update your website

Websites are often customers’ first encounter with companies and the platform where they obtain information about the company. Updating the website regularly is an important step in reaching new customers and retaining the trust of old ones. Since website creation and design is a field of great and rapid changes, the following 9 things are signs that the time has come to update the website.

#1 Your website is not a credit to the company

If the company avoids advertising the website, it is not fulfilling its role. A website is the image of the company on the Internet and it must play that role with dignity. If it is not the glory of the company, then there is a need to upgrade. The URL itself is also very important and needs to be aligned with the business, if it’s difficult or embarrassing to provide the URL, it’s time for a change.

#2 The website is not secure enough

Security needs to be a high priority for companies, but it is often overlooked anyway. If your site is hacked and consumer data is insecure, you lose the trust of your business friends. It is important to check if it is safe.

#3 The appearance of the website no longer appeals to consumers

Nowadays, it is extremely common for customers to meet a company online, and especially on websites. It may well be that a layout that was considered very cool when the website was created has now become outdated, or looks poorly designed, compared to modern standards.

There are often huge changes that take place in the world of website design that change the aesthetics of websites and people’s expectations of modern websites. Try comparing your website to a website you visit often and think is well designed, if your website doesn’t measure up, it’s probably time to make changes.

#4 Website content needs to be updated

In order to maintain customer trust, it is extremely important to regularly update your website content, so that your customers can rely on the information on it. If the website has old dates, incorrect locations, or outdated blog posts, you are in dire need of an update. Outdated information can lead people to think that the company is out of business or going out of business, so they don’t look to the company or website for information.

By updating a blog with new posts, you will get more traffic and more people to visit the website more than once. Plus, by paying careful attention to all the details, customers’ trust in the website and your business grows.

#5 The website does not work on smartphones

We now live in a mainstream smart device society. There is a high probability that individuals visit a website only on their smartphone or smart device. If a website is not designed for smartphones, you risk annoying customers and losing business. If a website doesn’t allow you to do everything easily and quickly on smart devices, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to upgrade.

#6 The site is not user friendly

Today, much more is known about how the consumer and web browser experience can change customer behavior. View the website from the consumer’s perspective. How easy it is to find information and complete actions. If this confuses consumers, it is time to update the page.

#7 Competitors have newer websites

It is true that there is no luck in chasing competitors without first thinking about what suits your company best. If your competitors have newer websites that look better and work better than your website, that is definitely a sign that the site needs improvement. The Internet is a very important business platform and it is best used when your website compares to competitors and stays better.

#8 Changes cannot be made

When it is difficult to slightly change or update the website, such as adding a blog post or updating an event, the website is not performing its proper function. In order for the website to fulfill its role, it should be updated very regularly, but that process should be quick and easy.

#9 The website does not match the image of the company.

The website should reflect your company in the thrift store, if a change has been made to the logo, colors or style of the company, the website must change accordingly. The branding of the company must be credible and consistent with the company’s image. If a potential customer approached the site and browsed there, but then received an email or brochure with a completely different look, this is not reassuring and reduces the credibility of the company. Make sure that the website reflects the image of the company.

Is it time for a change? Finally, it must be borne in mind that generalizations should be avoided. Undoubtedly, the website performs some of its functions well and others poorly. So when can you say with absolute certainty that it’s time to upgrade? When considering a major upgrade or change, it’s good to ask yourself two things:

  1. Can I be proud of the website as it is?
  2. Is the website fulfilling its role in the interest of the company?

If you can’t say yes to these questions, it’s probably time to update the page.