In-floor cabin

Ingólfskáli is a restaurant and catering service that offers traditional Icelandic cuisine in a unique setting. The inspiration is taken from the ancient traditions of the Vikings, but the food is served in a refined and modern way.

Our approach to rezoning Ingólfskál was to dissect the core and use it to form the stories that would be told around Ingólfskál. It was important that all the visuals in the promotional material reflected the pillars and personality of Ingólfskál and also connected to the history of the Vikings. The harvest, the inheritance and the family were the pillars we built on, but inspiration was taken from treads, fire, stone carvings and runes to connect with the history and the interior of the lodge.

Our role:

Idea work
Text writing
graphic design
Web design

Logo, font and colors


The logo of Ingólfsskála reflects the main pillars of the brand and is designed based on two Fuþark runes that stand for inheritance and harvest. The logo is drawn with lines that give the impression that it is chiseled into stone, similar to runes written in the Viking era. The bearing of the sign is a reference to Ingólfsfjall and the landscape that surrounds Ingólfsskála. The logo refers to ancient times, but at the same time speaks to the present with a lightness in drawing that gives it a refined and balanced look.

Photographs, brochures and business cards