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We all know the importance of attention to detail when it comes to making the guest experience the best it can be, but often lack ideas on how to do better and more.

Information folders in rooms or apartments is one way to convey messages to your guests in a professional and efficient way to make their stay easier and more enjoyable.

Why it is good to have clear and beautiful folders:

– Welcomes your guest as soon as they arrive, and gives them a certain sense of security

– Helps the guest to know the accommodation and how he can make the most of it.

– Gives you the opportunity to introduce them to all the services and products you offer, along with useful information such as how they connect to Wifi, turn on TVs, start a dishwasher and so on.

– The information folder gives you the opportunity to give personal recommendations on natural pearls, relaxation, opening hours, etc.

– Reduces the work of answering simple questions from your visitors.

Browse ideas of what’s good to have in information folders and excel with improved service!

1. Personal greeting

First of all, you should use the folder to welcome your guest. First impressions are crucial, so it’s important to send them a friendly greeting that shows you care about providing the guest with the best possible experience. Now don’t talk about if your property has self-check-in and you don’t get to greet the guest in person.

2. Arrivals and departures

If you intend to send an electronic copy of the book your email before arrival, it is a good idea to have clear arrival and departure information on the first pages. It is then noted; full address, driving directions from the airport or Reykjavík, arrival and departure rules and whether they are flexible or strict, etc.

3. Recommendations for entertainment

Some visitors come well prepared with a rigid agenda, while others want personal recommendations from locals. It is therefore a good idea to set aside a special space in the information folder with the relaxation and natural gems that your area has to offer. It’s nice to have hiking trails with maps, bike trails, nearby mountains, etc. It is also worth mentioning shopping opportunities for grocery stores, clothes, gifts and the like.

4. Food and drink

Write a short introduction to the food and drink options nearby. Is there something special about your area, are the donuts exceptionally good at the bakery on the corner or can you taste shark at the neighborhood bar? Then follow this text with your favorite restaurants, bars, best lunch options and note if there are any special dishes at these places that you think are clever or have favorites. So don’t forget to include phone numbers, websites and addresses to make it easier for people to book a table or find on TripAdvisor.

5. Useful information about the accommodation

All accommodations are different, and the guests from different cultures with different household appliances, as well as customs and habits, so it is important to explain the details well. Use this section of the folder to list the house rules, with detailed instructions on what is expected of your guest during their stay. To form sorting, recycling, smoking, the water, etc. This is also the section where you list down instructions for the WiFi, TV, grill, tub, washing machine and anything else you think is important to make their experience the best.

6. Useful information about the surroundings

It is very helpful to list handy information about the area.. This means everything that can be found nearby, from ATMs to pharmacies, road construction, car rentals, emergency numbers, gas stations, shops that are open late and everything you can think of that might be helpful.

7. QR codes and reviews

On the last page, we strongly recommend thanking you for coming and wishing the guests a good trip. It is therefore a good idea to follow up with a request for a review on TripAdvisor or Google + with QR codes that make it easy for the visitor to go directly to the review page.

Ferðavefir designs information folders for accommodation, contact us for more information, or phone 554-5414.