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Ferðavefir’s main goal is to help tourism companies to increase income, simplify work processes, reduce operating costs as well as improve communication with the customer and thereby increase operational efficiency.

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Travel websites help your business excel, we breathe new life into your brand with creative thinking. Colors, font and language; all these things tell a story. Let us have your say and we’ll show your customers what sets you apart from the tough competition, with an effective brand strategy.


Websites are the face of businesses and we make sure you show your best side with simple and stylish web solutions. We let your character shine while building the trust of your business friends with professionalism and user-friendly websites that deliver. Our websites are of course scalable and are equally user-friendly whether on a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.


The success of our customers is always the focus, whether it is with logos, business cards, brochures or anything that helps your business reach your target audience. Let’s chat, sketch, test and work on until everything clicks.



We employ people with years of experience in the tourism industry who constantly seek solutions with value-added technological innovations that simplify daily operations. We love nothing more than creating a strong visual and accessible interface that leads to automation and direct bookings, whether for entertainment, hotel rooms or restaurants.



“The knowledge and experience of Ferðavefj was a key factor in our decision to cooperate. We were starting a business and therefore chose to take a complete solution for our company from them. Ferðavefir was in charge of designing the company’s image and appearance from A-Z, and the result exceeded our expectations. It was also a great advantage to be able to get everything we needed in one place. Travel websites have helped us at Dís Cottages with digital communication solutions, advice regarding booking engines and marketing materials. What stands out is the feeling of security of having professionals with experience and knowledge behind them. Ferðavefj’s employees understand tourism and requests for assistance have been answered quickly and efficiently, I give Ferðavefj my best recommendation”

Sæmundur Runólfsson
Owner of Dís Cottages

“We have received excellent and professional service from Ferðavevem since we started doing business with the company. The employees are always ready if questions or problems arise. We are very happy with the website setup and everything related to the connection with the booking company”

Guðmundur Guðmundsson
National team coach and owner of Ármóti


“We give Ferðavef our best recommendation. All the work went smoothly and professionally. Sunna was our lady in the creation of information emails and the website and we are in the clouds with her work. She quickly read the place and managed to capture the character of the hostel at the same time. We see an increase in direct bookings and with beautifully designed informational emails, the work load and the load due to phone calls have been greatly reduced. Our best thanks for the excellent cooperation.”

Benedikta Guðrún Svavarsdóttir

Haföldunn’s hotel manager


“My experience with Ferðavefja’s work is a textbook example of professionalism, responsiveness and exceptionally good and agile service. In fact, I received much more than “just” a new website, where the various needs of my company were assessed, I received a lot of good advice, as well as being presented with different ways to achieve set goals. Everything done in close cooperation with the person (the buyer).”

Jakob E. Jakobsson
Owner and Managing Director
The Virgin


At Hótel Fransiskus Stykkishólmi, we decided to accept an offer from Ferðavefim when a new website was to be made for the company. The reason for that choice was solely because they have specialized in fabrics for Icelandic tourism. The communication went very well, comments were processed quickly and safely, and they always tried to fulfill our wishes as a customer. All the work on the website and the follow-up was exemplary and it is clear that there are professionals at work.

Unnur Steinsson
General manager / hotel manager of Hotel Fransiskus


Benedikt Viggósson

Benedikt Viggósson

Executive Director

Sigurður Hólm Gunnarsson

Sigurður Hólm Gunnarsson

Web designer

Snædís Malmquist

Snædís Malmquist

Consultant and designer

Björn Ísak Benediktsson

Björn Ísak Benediktsson

Financial representative


We are fortunate to have worked with great and outstanding companies. Get a free consultation and you never know if it will be the start of a great partnership.

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