Information folders

Why information

We all know the importance of attention to detail when it comes to making the guest experience the best it can be, but often lack ideas on how to do better.

Information folders in rooms or apartments is one way to deliver messages/information to guests in a professional and efficient manner. It results in simplification for you and your guests as well as increased satisfaction.

Why it is good to have clear and beautiful folders:

Welcomes your guest as soon as they arrive, and gives them a certain sense of security

Helps the guest to know the property and how to make the most of it.

Gives you the opportunity to introduce them to all the services and products you offer, along with useful information such as how they connect to Wifi, turn on TVs, start a dishwasher, etc.

The information folder gives you the opportunity to give personal recommendations on natural pearls, relaxation, opening hours, etc. in a simple way.

Reduces the work of answering your visitors’ common questions.

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What information is possible
to put in the folder?


Opening text

Briefly tell us about yourself and the accommodation. Personal text.


House rules

If there are house rules, it’s a good idea to have them stated.


Environment and nature

It is very good to tell about the main local customs.


Restaurants & bars

It is good to tell about the restaurants and children that you can go to in the local area.


QR code

QR codes are useful to facilitate access to websites such as the home page.


Contact information

It’s good to have it clear and defined how to get in touch with you.


Wi-fi information

If there is Wi-fi, it is good to have it appear in the directory


The town association

If the accommodation is located in a town or near a town, it is good to say a little about the town.


Emergency number

Emergency number and other information regarding fire prevention.



It is good to encourage people to give reviews.


Check-in / Check-out

When is check-in and check-out? What needs to be done before arrival?


Special information

If there is something special and characteristic of the accommodation that guests need to be informed about, it is good to have it there, for example if the stove or hot tub needs to be adjusted separately.


Service around

Good to tell about services around, shops, swimming pools and other things and opening hours.



Important websites, such as, and other sites



If there is tourism around, it is very nice to list what is available.

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